As a family-owned and managed business for over a century, we build projects to prosper for generations. Creating sustainable, inclusive, community-involved developments is our passion. We make the communities in which we build and operate better places to live, work, play and visit.


The Cordish Companies is committed to being a leader in the areas of diversity and inclusiveness. We embrace the diversity within the communities we serve nationwide, and we work with non-profit groups, civic leaders and civil rights organizations that, like us, are committed to ensuring the growth and vibrancy of their communities. We are extremely proud of our track record on inclusiveness over decades of development and operating projects, employing tens of thousands of people and welcoming more than 50 million guests annually to our projects.


We give back – as a company, as owners, as employees. It’s in our DNA.

The Cordish Companies is one of the largest corporate philanthropists in Baltimore and in Maryland, consistently outranking larger companies in our annual giving. From our executive team to employees, we embrace a commitment to make a difference in the lives of those living and working in the communities in which we do business, through volunteer efforts to help meet critical needs.


The Cordish Companies has been at the forefront of adaptive re-use and rehabilitation of abandoned and blighted spaces for decades. We are a pioneer in taking abandoned locations and transforming them into vibrant urban centers. Award-winning projects – such as the Power Plant and Power Plant Live! in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, The Walk in Atlantic City and Fourth Street Live! in Louisville – were all abandoned, decaying buildings that have been turned into vibrant, active spaces for their communities. The Cordish Companies has also won national recognition for our award-winning preservation and rehabilitation of historic urban buildings and places, where we work closely with the public sector to preserve important urban landmarks.

Our commitment to energy sustainability ranges from the large (energy efficient heating and cooling systems for major new developments) to the small (LED light conversion on existing projects). We have also invested in alternative energy projects, from solar energy to green hydro-eclectic power generation.


We are committed urbanists with a decade-long track record of transforming and revitalizing urban cores throughout the country. No other developer has completed as many successful public-private partnerships as we have. In the process, we have turned blighted, vacant and underserved areas of communities and turned them into vibrant, thriving uses that have served as catalysts for broader growth, and created thousands of new jobs for local residents.


Each of our urban districts serves as a community meeting place, hosting hundreds of community events on a free and continual basis. We partner with local government agencies and community development groups to provide advice and oversight on issues such as local first-source hiring plans, job fairs and civic group event planning, with the goal of making the cities a better place to live, work and play.